The retail industry has undergone several transformations over the past several decades. The introductions of the smart payment solutions, far-reaching global impact of social media and innovation of platforms and user-friendly ecommerce have enabled the retailers to market their product more effectively and efficiently across Globe. Growing trend of online shopping as well as consumers’ awareness about the environment have further led the retailers to offer products in accordance with the needs and requirements of the consumers.

Unloq Foods is expanding its reach speedily. We are becoming readily available in all types of grocery shops across India. Our products are packaged beautifully effectively in various sizes and made available in both big and small stores.

Unloq Foods delight billions of households with a wide range of natural, value-added products developed by its in-house R&D team, relevant consumer behavioural insights and an unmatched distribution network.

For trade enquiries or institutional, bulk and gifting requirements please write to: fortunezglobal@gmail.com




Ho Re Ca or the Hotel/Restaurant/Catering industry is a hot selling one. Unloq Foods’ wide range of products is available in bulk packs to fulfil the needs of Hotels, Restaurants, Offices, Caterers, QSRs, Canteens and Food Courts. We offer a unique combination of Quality, Quantity and Price to our HoReCa clients.

All these establishments use our instant mix powders in all categories – refreshing drink mixes are a hit in meetings with clients in offices; our instant soups flow smoothly in every office or food court vending machine, our instant milkshake mixes can be made in a jiffy. Our seasonings which are easily our bestsellers are being used by small to big sized enterprises repeatedly.

We are open to more such avenues where our speciality made 1kg and 5kg packs of products can be supplied to every city establishment on a regular basis. We look forward to creating long term business associations with genuine food industry players, both big and small.


Unloq’s wide range of products is being shipped to several countries steadily. We follow robust packaging and storing techniques, and are increasing our presence in every part of the globe.

No matter how cold or warm your country is, we have products that will tingle the taste buds of every consumer.


With Unloq’s large network, high-end facility and wide range of products, we are the number one company for your private label needs.

We are one of the most reliable producer and supplier of instant food and beverage products for many brands in India. Our strict quality control norms, our knowledge of all processes from start to finish appeal to companies that want to opt for the economic route of building a brand by depending on us for the production.

Unloq’s business ethics ensure respect and confidentiality at every step of the private label relationship.

Our stringent processes and premium quality mixed with your dedication to build a brand makes private label a very successful opportunity for both companies.

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