With Unloq’s large network, high-end facility and wide range of products, we are the number one company for your private label needs.

We are one of the most reliable producer and supplier of instant food and beverage products for many brands in India. Our strict quality control norms, our knowledge of all processes from start to finish appeal to companies that want to opt for the economic route of building a brand by depending on us for the production.

Unloq’s business ethics ensure respect and confidentiality at every step of the private label relationship.

Our stringent processes and premium quality mixed with your dedication to build a brand makes private label a very successful opportunity for both companies.

Have we aroused your interest? We would be pleased to advise you personally and put your product in the limelight. Connect with us today!






Unloq Foods could be a game changer if you are looking to sell healthy instant food. At Unloq Foods we make convenience food products by using natural food ingredients without compromising on nutrients content The products we make today are created for our active lifestyles and utilize fruits, nuts and vegetables so that every sip you take is filled with energy! Our products help you beat fatigue and get through the day feeling energized.

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