Unloq Foods is the brand next door! We are accessible to everyone, affordable for anyone and healthy for all!

We started our company at a time when people began reading food labels and snacking healthy. So we knew we wanted Unloq Foods to be a brand that runs high on taste and is good for health as well.

Based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India Unloq Foods began as a dream to promote healthy snacking. Every family needs to snack, but we make it a good thing by steering clear of the junk food category. Our wide range of instant soup, drink and milkshake mixes are quick to make and healthy. We retain most of the nutrients of the ingredients we put in our mixes and that makes our products one of the few in the industry to go for both taste and health!

Our target audience is every person who doesn’t compromise on taste or health. Children are our favourite consumers and we have impressed them with our delicious flavours in drinks, soups and milkshake mixes. As our name suggests, we plan to unlock the next level in offering the choicest in food and beverages to the world.

“We love what we make, and we believe that you will too!”


We manufacture India’s beloved range of Natural Instant beverage mix,
Soup mix and Seasonings.

We manufacture premium range of Natural Ingredients for Food, Health care and Personal care industries.

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