At Unloq Foods, we have consistently shown our commitment to excellence and innovation. This quality assurance is rooted in our own tradition and inspires us to produce quality products every day.

With our rich technological expertise and years of experience, we have attained an indispensable position in the global market. Our extensive network, backed by our strategic partnerships, makes Unloq Foods a local provider with global reach. We are one of the fastest growing and most reputed Instant Food Company in India and our products are also successfully distributed across Asia, Middle East, USA, Europe and Africa.

Unloq’s wide range of products is being shipped to several countries steadily. We follow robust packaging and storing techniques, and are increasing our presence in every part of the globe.

No matter how cold or warm your country is, we have products that will tingle the taste buds of every consumer. Our international expertise and extensive capabilities here at the Unloq Foods are unmatched in the industry and truly help define who we are.

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